We host the world!

Can Mocamp is a motel and camping locating on 4 dekar olive tree garden. As It was found in 1985, it is one of the oldest touristic establishment of Kaş. Types of bungalows for any budget, a hostel including mix and female dorms, self contained tents located on wooden platforms, camping spaces, mediterranean restaurant (Toby’s), bistro bar, a classroom and many common areas exist in mocamp.


Time to make difference!

If you want to make a change and do not kow where to start, come to Kaş. Calm down in Can Mocamp. You can meet many people all around the World and can share your experiences when you are staying in bungalow or dorm or tent. Maybe scuba diving that you can learn here will open the door of a new World for you. You can also join yoga sessions.

Ideal Location

Neither inside nore outside of the centrum Can Mocamp is 1300m West of Kas Bus station. The distance to Kas square is 1600 m. You can reach from square in 15 minutes by a slow walk towards the beautiful marina road. After hanging on the noisy centrum you will feel yourself smwhere else beside Kas because of its calm peaceful atmosphere and sea view location. The closest public beach (real public beach, no one requires Money for smthng) ıs just 50 m away.


Visit Us

Everyone dreams of living in a small house next to the sea surrounded by trees. Here at Can Mocamp we make your dream come true. If you are on the road and passing by Kas, you definitely should stay here for a night.