In 2014 UN declared that it is coming to the end of mass (sea.sun.sand) tourism. And They put a new descriptiın called SUSTAINABLE TOURISM. Following this WWF developed a Project covering 7 Mediterranean country on Sustainable tourism. Turkey was one of the participater and Kaş was the pilot region. CAN MOCAMP tries to do its best to apply all necessity of Sustainable Tourism.
  • Olive garden farming is till keep goin with tourism business in where the mocamp locates. The yield taking from the treees are serviced to guests (Olive. Olive oil. Lemon, orange celbia tea, crab).
  • The food serviced in the breakfast ia all supplied from producers. farmers itself in order to support local producers. This is the right entegration and cooperation of local tourism and farming.
  • Only led power lamps or solar lamps are used in the mocamp. In some parts of the camping the wasted grey water is collected and used for irrigation the plants.
  • The activities are organised in Can Mocamp. You can take SCUBA DIVING theory course (all the level). You can join yoga sessions. You can also join jam sessions in music stage..